hi there...

my name is Laura Staudenmaier. I'm a professional photographer and videographer currently based in Stuttgart, Germany. 
It's my passion to capture valuable life moments and to tell a story in a creative way. 
I always strive to create the best photos and videos possible and I strongly believe that you never stop growing and learning, which is why I am happy to share my creative progress.

I was probably around five when I picked up a camera for the first time. And I haven't stopped taking photos and loving it ever since.
After school I studied audiovisual media, which was a great choice for me because I was able to expand my creative horizon immensely and meet wonderful and just as creative people along the way.
I really love what I do and being able to help other people and their businesses with my abilities is a dream come true for me.

So if you need help with content creation such as 

  • company/product advertisement 
  • image videos
  • company/product photos
  • or anything similiar

don't hesitate to shoot me a message. 
I 'd be happy to help you.